Your trustful partner in connecting confidential and profitable contacts for high value creation.

Our key value is building a discrete confidence between all the parties. We respect the concerns and needs of our clients as highly confidental. Jetty Trading is an experienced service provider in the field of raw material trading. Our role is based on connecting parties of both sellers and buyers worldwide. The products include for example :

1. Refinery products i.e. Jetfuel A1, Diesel D2, Bunker D5, Petcoke green/ calcified.

2. Precicious metals i.e. Gold dore/ aurum, Silver, Platinum.

3. Other i.e. Salt, Norwegian fish.

Jetty Trading also operates in the field of corporate and financial consulting. Our key executives and advisers have a long and extensive background in the investment and private equity banking and consulting. It includes advising clients (for example start-ups) in business model and strategy development and fund raising, acquisitions, exits and management. Jetty Trading possesses an extensive and valuable network of contacts in this business field.

You are most welcome to contact us in your business needs:

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